Principal Lab Members

Dr. Jain has been working in the area of computer-aided drug design for nearly 30 years. His research is focused on the development of computerized methods for efficiently developing effective drugs.

His formal training is in Computer Science (PhD, Carnegie Mellon University), and he moved to the Bay Area to join the first in a series of biotech start-up companies, beginning with Arris Pharmaceutical in 1992. Dr. Jain spent 22 years at UCSF (1999-2021) prior to rejoining BioPharmics LLC.

Ajay N. Jain, PhD

Professor Emeritus, UCSF

Founder and CEO, BioPharmics LLC

Dr. Cleves has extensive experience in molecular and cellular biology (PhD, Univ. of Illinois). Her work has spanned both academic and commercial settings. She was a Helen Hay Whitney postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Reg Kelly at UCSF prior to leaving UCSF for a biotech start-up.

The biotech experience evolved into an interest in the relationship between molecular structure and pharmacology and to applied research in computational chemistry and biology, for many years at UCSF, and now at BioPharmics LLC.

Ann E. Cleves (Jain), PhD

Director of Applied Science, BioPharmics LLC

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